Community Power Hub

BREAZE has been appointed by Sustainability Victoria, for two years from July 2017, to establish the Community Power Hub Ballart (CPH Ballarat).  This entity will assist renewable energy projects in our region, in the same way that other hubs in Bendigo and the La Trobe valley will support projects in their regions.

Community Power Hub Launch

The role of hub is to provide support to individuals, groups or organisations that want to develop community power projects.  During the first two years of operation, the hub will identify at least four projects that will have feasibility studies completed on them and one flagship project that will be implemented.

The hub is managed by BREAZE on a day to day basis but governed by a roundtable of interested advisors, who will establish criteria for selecting projects and oversee the development of the selected projects.  As far as the particular projects are concerned, groups of suitably skilled people will be set up to provide assistance in their feasibility or implementation.


No matter when over the next two years, we are very keen to hear about any community energy projects that you are considering or any interest you may have in supporting such projects via the governance or project support mechanisms.  We have a very broad definition of community energy, including the application of well-established renewable technologies delivered in new and inclusive ways, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

CPH Ballarat can be contacted on:

 5364 2909


 PO Box 1301, Bakery Hill 3354

19 Dawson Street South, Ballarat

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